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The last upgrades of MAX+plus II software have added the following new features and device support:

Version & Date

New Device Support
(Full Compliation, Simulation & Programming Support)

New Device Support
(Compliation, Simulation & Pinout Support Only)

New Software Feature

New Documentation

Version 10.1



Support for the Sun Solaris 8 operating system

Support for the Hewlett-Packard HP-UX 11.0 operating system

EPC16 Programming support

Altera Programming Unit (APU) support


Version 10.0

MAX 7000B Device family

  • EPM7032B (L44, T44, U49)
  • EPM7064B (L44, T44, T100, F100, U49)
  • EPM7128B (U49, U169, F256)
  • EPM7256B (U169, Q208, F256)
  • EPM7512B (T144, B256, F256, U169, Q208)

MAX 7000AE Device family

  • EPM7064AE (U49)
  • EPM7128AE (U169)

ACEX 1K Device Family

  • EP1K10 (T100, T144, Q208, F256)

MAX 7000B Device family

  • EPM7032B (T48)
  • EPM7064B (T48)
  • EPM7128B (T48)



Version 9.6

MAX 7000B Device Family

  • EPM7128B (F100)
  • EPM7256B (Q208, T100, T144)

ACEX 1K Device Family

  • EP1K30 (T144, Q208, F256)
  • EP1K50 (T144, Q208, F256, F484)
  • EP1K100 (Q208, F256, F484)

MAX 7000B Device Family

  • EPM7032B (U49)
  • EPM7064B (U49)
  • EPM7128B (U169, U49)
  • EPM7256B (U169, F100, F256)
  • EPM7512B (T144, U169, Q208, B256, F256)

MAX 7000S/AE Device Family

  • EPM7064AE (U49)
  • EPM7128AE (U169)



Version 9.5

MAX7000B Device Family

  • EPM7128B (T100, T144)

MAX7000B Device Family

  • EPM7512B (T100)

This version features a new *Quartus Fitter, which significantly enhances timing-driven compilation for design targeting FLEX 10K devices.

* The NEW Quartus Fitter does NOT allow the use of cliques OR uried assignments. This is a significant change from the previous version of MAX+PLUS II. MAX+PLUS II version 9,5 includes an option to disable the Quartus Fitter and use the original MAX+PLUS II fitter. Details on all fitting options are discussed in the readme file and in the MAX+PLUS II On-Line Help.


Version 9.4

FLEX 10KA/B/E/S Device Family

  • EPF10K30E (F256, F484, F256-X, F484-X, T144-X, Q208-X)
  • EPF10K50S (F256, F484, B356, T144-X, Q208-X, Q240-X, F256-X, B356-X, F484-X)
  • EPF10K100E (B356, Q208-X, Q240-X, F256-X, B356-X, F484-X)
  • EPF10K200S (B356, R240, F484, B600, F672, R240-X, B356-X, F484-X, B600-X, F672-X)

FLEX 6000 Device Family

  • EP6016A (F100, F256)
  • EP6024A (F256)

MAX+PLUS II version 9.4 also provide programming-only support for the following devices:

  • EP20K100 (T144, Q208, Q240, F324)
  • EP20K200 (R208, R240, F484)
  • EP20K400 (B652, G655, F672)
  • EP20K400E (B652, F672)


5% design performance improvement with improved timing-driven compilation.

Enhanced Jam-STAPL Byte-code composer and player.

Support for new feature of the MAX7000B device family, including power banks, pullup resister, and bus-hold feature.

Support for the new I/O standards include in the MAX7000B device family, including GTL+, SSTL2, and SSTL3.

Japanese translation of MAX+PLUS II Version 9.2 On-line Help.

Version 9.3

FLEX 10KA/B/E/S Device Family

  • EPF10K30E (T144, Q208)
  • EPF10K50S (T144, Q208, Q240)
  • EPF10K100E (F256, F484)
  • EPF10K130E (B356, B600, F484, F672)

MAX7000S/AE Device Family

  • EPM7128AE (F100, F256)
  • EPM7256AE (F100, T144, F256)

MAX3000A Devicew Family

  • EPM3032A (L44, T44)
  • EPM3064A (T44, T100)
  • EPM3128A (T100, T144)
  • EPM3256A (T144, Q208)

FLEX 10KA/B/E/S Device Family

  • EPF10K50E (B356)
  • EPF10K50S (F256, B356, F484)
  • EPF10K100E (Q240-X, B356-X)
  • EPF10K200S (R240, B356, F484, B600, F672)

MAX7000B Device Family

  • EPM7032B (L44, T44)
  • EPM7064B (L44, T44, T100, F100)
  • EPM7128B (F100, T100, T144, F256)
  • EPM7256B (F100, T100, T144, Q208, F256)
  • EPM7512B (T144, Q208, F256)

FLEX6000 Devicew Family

  • EPF6016A (F100, F256)
  • EPF6024A (F256)

JAM composer and player supporting the JEDEC Standard "STAPL" format.

Timing-driven compilations with tco and tsu assignments place appropriate registers in the I/O cells of the device to significantly improve I/O performance for FLEX 10K designs.

Timing-driven compilation times improve by a factor of three.


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