Achieving Superior Signal Integrity for Breakthrough Performance

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    Featured Speakers

    As interfaces run at higher speeds, with faster edge rates and shrinking bit periods, ensuring Signal Integrity and Power Integrity becomes increasingly critical to a successful system implementation. The challenges are compounded in high pin count devices by the effects of simultaneously switching outputs noise (SSN). If not controlled effectively, SSN seriously degrades system performance at best and can lead to non-functional systems. Because the IC package is a huge contributor to SSN, a well-designed package is imperative for high-speed Platform FPGAs.

    Virtex-4 FPGAs incorporate advanced packaging technology to deliver significant system design benefits that shrink design cycles and reduce design costs. In this webcast, signal integrity guru Dr. Howard Johnson explains the fundamentals of good design practices, noise and its impact on your system, and Xilinx solutions to build a successful high-speed interface.

    Webcast attendees will learn:

    • About the impact of noise on system performance
    • Sources of noise in high-speed systems
    • How designer are mitigating noise with Virtex-4 FPGAs as they build wide, high-speed busses

    Who Should Attend

    • ASIC and FPGA engineers
    • Designers of complex, high-performance systems
    • System architects
    • Engineering or technical managers
    The newest version of Virtex FPGAs from Xilinx provide a boost in speed, reduction in power, and significant reduction in cost that promises to propel many new designs.
    Jim Harrison
    West Coast editor for Electronic Products Magazine

    Featured Speakers:
    Peter Alfke, Director, Applications Engineering, Xilinx

    Peter Alfke came to the US in 1966, with a German MSEE degree and nine years experience in digital systems and circuit design at LM Ericsson and Litton Industries in Sweden. He has been manager, later director of applications engineering for over 30 years, at Fairchild, Zilog, AMD, and, since 1988, at Xilinx. He holds thirteen patents, has written many Application Notes, presented at numerous design conferences, and has given many applications-oriented seminars in the US and in Europe. He is an active participant in the best newsgroup for FPGA users, comp.arch.fpga.

    Dr. Howard Johnson

    One of the foremost authorities on Signal Integrity, with over thirty years of experience in the field, Dr Howard Johnson is the author of “High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic”, considered to be a must-read for all engineers building a high-speed system.

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