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The Free-6502 core is a 6502 compatible CPU core.  Basic features are:

6502 binary code compatible.
Written in 100% VHDL.
Simple synchronous 8-bit bus interface.
Entirely synchronous design.
Registered I/O for simple porting and integration.
Supports all standard 6502 instructions.

News and Reports From Users

Look at the new Implementations page.  There is information there on different devices that the Free-6502 core has been ran through.

The Free-IP Project likes to hear about how you are using the Free-6502 core.  Email to and tell us what you're up to.  If your stuff is not private, give us permission to tell others about it!

Current Status

Version 0.7 of the Free-6502 core is available for download.  Click on the download button at the top.  

Some of the things that were changed in version 0.7 are:

Fixed some problems with testsuite.vhd and sim/makeall.tcl.
Shortened EOR ABS by one clock cycle.

Use the mailing list for support issues.  If that isn't practical for you, due to confidentiality issues, then send us email directly.


Known Issues

Doesn't support BCD arithmetic mode.
Test suite is not complete.

Legal Stuff

Currently, there are no known patents or copyrights that cover this implementation of the 6502 CPU.


6502 links:

Dan Boris's 6502 Processor Page
6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools List
-- Makers of a commercial ($$$) 6502 core.
-- Also makers of 6502 cores ($$$).

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