VHDL XSV Board Interface Projects


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Peter Sutton






James Brennan


Ashley Partis


Jorgen Peddersen

These projects are a collection of resources to be used with the XSV board v1.0, produced by XESS Corp.  This board contains a Virtex FPGA from Xilinx Inc. and support circuitry for communicating with a wide variety of external devices.  This set of resources is designed to provide a set of VHDL entities that act as interfaces to the various capabilities and devices on the XSV board, as well as sample designs that demonstrate the use of the board’s main features.  The resources were developed internally by students working for the School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in the University of Queensland, Australia.  They are made publicly available in the hope that they may be of some help to others who are starting work on similar projects.  All VHDL projects were created in Foundation 3.1.

Most of these resources consist of VHDL source code and the accompanying documentation.  Below are a list of fully documented projects that were completed, as well as commented source code and the constraint files for each project.  Please feel free to contact the authors with any questions or problems, or notify us about any updates that you have done.

Introduction and Tutorials HTML PDF N/A
CPLD SVF File Descritions HTML PDF Files
Audio Project HTML PDF Files
PC to SRAM Interface HTML PDF Files
PS/2 Interface HTML PDF Files
SRAM Interface HTML PDF Files
Video In HTML PDF Files

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XESS Corporation


Board manufacturer


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University of Queensland


UQ - located in Brisbane, Australia


School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at UQ