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Performance Seminar

  • Abstract:
    Learn how to achieve breakthrough performance with Virtex™-4 the world's fastest FPGA. Take advantage of 500MHz embedded IP, including: RAM with embedded FIFO control and ECC; differential clocking for low skew and low jitter; and XtremeDSP™ slices (18x18 MACs and arithmetic functions).


Beats Competing FPGAs in Every Performance Category


Power Seminar


1 to 5 Watts Lower Power per FPGA



Signal Integrity Seminar


7X Less SSO Noise and Crosstalk


Highest Bandwidth Memory Interfaces Seminar


3X Higher Bandwidth than
Competing Solutions


Source-Synchronous Interfaces Seminar


High-performance Source-Synchronous Interfaces Made Easy


Virtex-4 DSP Applications Seminar


World's Fastest, Lowest Cost
FPGA-based DSP Solution


MicroBlaze Soft Processor Core Seminar


Introducing the New Standard for Flexible 32-Bit Soft Processor Cores


Virtex-4 General Information


Virtex-4 Special Edition

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